Wee: term used as a synonym of “pee”.

The Free Wee Project is a non-profit project born from:

The will of a group of people aware of the need of a social transformation regarding a reality silenced along history and now imperiously in need of a change.

The intense need to give voice to those people who had been deprived of it.

The absolute belief that education is the best way to promote diversity in equal rights for all the people regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

We Propose:

A complete removal of the binary gender (Woman/Man) distinction marks at every public restroom. This must be achieved through the transformation of the current signs, icons or emblems in favor of neutral ones to promote equality in tune with the citizenship diversity.

We Choose:

Art as the best way to achieve the project’s very essence. Due to its generative and transformational strength, art has the ability to make us re-question preconceived ideas, allowing us to face situations from different points of view and so transform reality.

In this case, Art is the pertinent key, because images and signs are fundamental on the development of the identity process, and certainly in gender awareness, both for the self and the public view.



As “places”, restrooms have experienced deep changes along history, being those changes mostly always derived to their functionality. Roman or Arabic baths were built as meeting and relaxing places; at the XVI century, restrooms were declared “loose morals” places. At the XIX century the integration women workers in the factories originated the beginning of the “separate sphere” ideology as a part of the Victorian moral code. Conceiving Female bodies inferior and weaker than Men bodies “female protection” laws were settled. Truth was that women were being simply excluded and discriminated under the weight of the patriarchal sphere. Since those times, no review about the restrooms configuration, usage and markers has been done.

In March 26, 2016 at North Carolina (USA) governor Pat McCrory, approve HB2 law (Hose Bill 2 – Safety and privacy law for the public facilities) setting that born sex is the condition to segregate access to restrooms, considering only female or masculine as valid genders. Since that moment, a huge rejection has been shown all around the world.



In the present day the public restroom purpose has been transformed, being an exclusively hygienic/physiological utility, were at some other points of history they were a meeting place divided by gender by the cispatriarchal moral.

The distinction of men/women in the restrooms responds to an expired question of gender politics that continues to serve the cisheteropatriarchal politics/Lobby.

Social reality shows to be more complex and open than this binary separation, so different organization arrangements are required to consider the whole spectrum of the human diversity.

The integration of Transsexual or Intersexual people in ordinary life is now a fact, that must fight for is natural place to be.

The dated current social interaction is committing hate and exclusion crimes to all those not binary/normative gender people who have the same rights as the rest of the citizenship to use the public facilities without being questioned, discriminated or excluded.