Giulia Bonnat >>


“And then what makes the work interesting is if you choose the right questions”

Bruce Nauman


Graduated in History of Theatre at Turin University (Italia) and MA in Cultural Management at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (Spain). Internship Erasmus at Universidad Autónoma in Barcelona (Spain).


Since 2009 she has been working in the independent contemporary performing arts field as a cultural manager between the Antic Teatre (Barcelona) and Sala Cuarta Pared (Madrid).


She complements her academic background with courses in Community Management, SEO, SEM, Group Dynamics and Social Psicology.


She got a grant from the Polish Theatre Institute to participate in the Polski New Theatre International Meeting 2015 and she joined the Biennale College at Biennale de Venezia 2016, in a workshop with Stefan Kaegi.


She is an specialist in communication and press for performing arts, creating and maintaining audiences, new technologies applied to communication, public relationship; teacher at MA in Cultural Management (Universidad Carlos III), at the School of Audiences (Universidad Complutense) and MA in Contemporary Scenic Creation (TAI).


Recently she has been working as Head of Press and Social Media at Clásicos de Alcalá and as Community Manager ant Surge Madrid, two festivals organized by Comunidad de Madrid.


She colaborated as well in a number of  national and international independent performing arts projects.

Anahi Canela >> 


Multidisciplinar self-wasted artist, with the head full of ideas, projects and works waiting to order themselves before to go out and be performed.

Adult Sexual Educator self-determined. Art lover and convinced about art as way of expression or even of rebellion, pleased to be used as a tool to shaking closed and conservative minds and give the chance to see another reality in the world

Mari Fuentes >>


She is a cultural manager, actress and stage director. She holds a degree in Humanities from the Universidad of Almería, a degree in Performing Arts from ESAD (Seville) and recently completed a Master Degree in Cultural Management: Music, Theatre and Dance at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.


She has a wealth of experience in Almeria in the perfoming arts and the cultural scene, where she participates as a performer and playwright, leads many courses and workshops on performing and acting skills through different theatre associations (1997-2002). In 2000 she won the Almería Best Shortfilm Award and National Screenplay Award in the 5th Festival of Shortfilms: Almería, Tierra de Cine, as co-author of “Ni contigo ni sin T” where she appears as actress, too.


Later, in Seville, she contributed to different projects such as ACTIDEA and Danza Mobile. She moved to Madrid, where she has developed her professional career. Here she combines cultural management with creativity.


In 2010 , she created her first play, Another Zoo Story, that was perfomed for the first time in Teatro Arenal (Madrid). In 2012 she founded the theatre company La Fabulosa, with whom she has created, written and performed different plays including I want you to be a swimmer (2012), Apocriphal Play. Launcing of Löpez’s latest work on vynil (2013), Looking at the sea and thinking about nothing (2015). Niña Lunares, more than a concert (2015). All these have been developed at DT Espacio Escénico where she has taken up residence.


Since 2007 she manages different projects on contemporary stage creation in the League of Independent Theatre, like the National Contemporary Theatre and Dance League. Since 2015 she is the manager of the Alternative Stage Companies in Madrid.

Ángel Málaga >> 


“Radicality is theatre’s destiny, there’s no other way. If theatre isn’t radical, then it’s not theatre, it’s something else”.

Romeo Castellucci


BA in Fine Arts by Universidad de Salamanca. Post Graduate in Visual Arts by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. MA in Cultural Management by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


In Summer 2009 opens along three partners Sala Nudo Theatre, being Visual Arts curator and communication manager. In 2010 starts collaboration with different theatre companies, one of them La Tristura. That same year opens the Performing arts company “lacosaneutra&cía” where he worked as director and producer until early 2017.


In 2011 works as production assistant for the Red Bull Music Academy, in Matadero Madrid. After this experience he takes over completely as the Artistic Director of Sala Nudo Theatre until its end in 2013.


In summer of the same year along with Eva Caballero decided, to run a brand new project: Espacio Labruc is born. Directly in Madrid’s downtown the theatre brings new contemporary theatre approaches to the Malasaña neighborhood, where he continues to develop as Artistic Director, Communication and Image manager. It is until early 2017 Espacio Labruc closes due to bureaucratic external issues.


During the long run of Labruc, Angel collaborates with other projects and festivals such as managing the digital communication and coordinating social media, for the Madrid Council (Comunidad de Madrid), Surge Madrid Festival from 2015 till 2017, coordinating different activities (Transversas) with production, artists and public.


Also since 2014 at the Cultural Management MA by Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, teaches the Master Class “Cultural Management in Times of Crisis” and since 2017 the “Cultural Projects design and management: from idea to action”, MA in Contemporary Scenic Creation  at TAI University of Madrid


As no one can turn away from the roots, Ángel Málaga develops his artistic side too designing for institutional artistic projects: corporate, posters, dossiers, flyers and web sites. 


Currently he takes part of other international projects as SAC MAD Collective (based in Madrid), Visual Armada and Free Wee Project collective  a commissioned cultural management project.


Espacio Labruc

Ángel Málaga


Rurru Mipanochia >> 


Rurru Mipanochia is a cyborg built in Nibiru, but discarded to the Earth by defects in its operating system, reborn in Mexico City – in fact, it adopts the humanoid form to camouflage itself with the multitude; pealing some people, to assimilate themselves in skin to this race and being feeding on the coagulated menstruation of some residents and in this way absorbing part of their DNA -, It studied Visual Arts in the Facultad de Artes y Diseño, UNAM, and graduated on 2012 of Gregorian calendar. In 2015-2016, the asteroid B612 passed by touching the Earth’s orbit, which caused that when crashing this asteroid almost with the Earth,  it aligned with Mercury and thus, the energy vibration caused that it received the FONCA ( Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes), Jóvenes Creadores Grant in Graphic category.


For consecutive years the alignment of certain stars helps her/him/ it to show his/her/its work in Mexico, Latin America, Europe and the U.S.A. As well as published in National magazines as International mags: Chilango, Yorokobu, KaltBlut, POUSTA, The City Loves You, CulturaColectiva and others.


It is based with Océlotl and Xólotl in the Underworld, riding consecutively  Zotz everytime that wishes to leave its cave to penetrate delicious asses with smelly and full of dry shit.

Ricardo Recuero >> 


Born in Madrid, degree in Art History by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, art critic and writer at the on-line Art Magazine: Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo and ART-ic founder. Aware about importance of education in all society areas and deeply committed to the extraordinary ability of Arts as a social change and improvement tool. He has written curatorial text for the artist as Bruce LaBruce, Antonyo Marest, Diego Agulló, Rurru Mipanochia o Javier Navarro exhibitions, managed round tables as  “Arte, Activismo e Imagen en Movimiento” or “Género, Contexto y Realidad. Also he has been part of the programming team at the LGBT Film Festival in Madrid: LesGayCineMad.


PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo

Eva Viera >> 


Photographer and Audiovisual Producer. Degree in Fine Arts by the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (2004), Máster in Gender and Identity (2007) and special education in Gender Theory given by Paul B. Preciado, Remedios Zafra or Paco Vidarte (1970-2008).


Working in the audiovisual area since 2005, she specialize in cultural audiovisual contents in 2011 mainly in the recording and diffusion of contemporary dance. She has work to artists,

festivals and companies linked to institutions as Matadero Madrid, Teatros del Canal y Centro Cultural Conde Duque. At the same time she teach at the Instituto Europeo de Diseño (IED Madrid).


As an artist, through his photographic work, she thinks about gender as a social construction. In She is founder of Inquire Magazine, a collaborative and gender perspective contemporary creation magazine, and creator of the photographic series Inquire Project


Eva Viera

Inquire Magazine

Inquire Project




Swinton & Grant is conceived as a meeting point for artists working on different disciplines who develope the most radical and new codes. More than 200sqm. in a singular space divided into two rooms which are suitable for different uses and artistic projects: from street art to illustration, photography and focused in both national and international markets

Chrysallis. Transsexual Minors Families Association


Organization born from the families urge to provide answers to all given questions and situations rised up after the finding of a transsexual daughter or son against the difficulties and lack of answers, information and resources by the government and professionals.


Chrysallis has made a peer support national network whit the purpose to equate the transsexual childhood and adolescence situation giving advantage to the maximum wellness of minors and their families.


The mean task is the family accompaniment through the social transit process, generating understanding, acceptance and empowering from the own experience as minor transsexual family.


Chrysallis counts on three basic courses of action as: Visibility, Education and real intervention in all cultural, social, politic or legislative process that contribute to the association targets. Always working from the depathologizing focus and respectful to the free trans minors personal development.


Besides Chrysallis Madrid, who collaborate directly with the project, adhere to it: Chrysallis Estatal, Chrysallis Andalucía, Chrysallis Aragón, Chrysallis  Canarias, Chrysallis Castilla León, Chrysallis Catalunya, Chrysallis Comunidad Valenciana, Chrysallis Galicia, Chrysallis Extremadura (delegación), Chrysallis Melilla (delegación), Chrysallis Baleares and Chrysallis EH




PAC PLATAFORMA DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO is an association focused in contemporary art, promotion, knowledge and enjoyment through the creation, spreading, exchange, communication and exhibition of art projects.