About This Project

She started working as Art Director in Madrid but soon she realize life is too short to spend it in an office so she packed her bag and moved to Barcelona trying to find her way as illustrator.

She likes typography, serigraphy, ceramics, sculpture, Japanese toys, illustration, design magazines, embroidery, sewing, and moving everywhere by bike.

She likes Modernism, architecture, rococo things, and almost everything shaped organic.

She doesn’t like “sangria”, artichoke, to watch someone being stolen, lot of people in a small place and a crowded beach.

Everything spontaneous, quick and funny, everything happens around her

it is a kind of inspiration to her work: from a supermarket o a subway conversation to gentlemen playing “petanca” or foreign tourist being cooked at the Barceloneta beach.



Pis / Caca


Amaia Arrazola

Work type

Illustration and digital printing



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