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By choice, my name is Bran Only. I was born in Murcia in 1985. I am a good person, a cartoonist, a painter, a designer and a photographer, as well as many other things that I never wanted to be.

I worked for seven years as a programmer database analyst in a room without a view. Obviously, Finally I decided, for several reasons, to do with my life what from the beginning I wanted to do with it: to dedicate myself to composing, better than creating, disturbing images and relevant stories. I studied at the School of Art in Murcia, where I discovered that due to a vision condition I was forced since I was a child to see things in different ways. For me there is no contrast between white and black, light changes the shape of the things, the void can be filled and I have never seen the full moon as surely you do.





Bran Solo

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Mixta sobre cartón Pankaster



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